Struggling to think of an original gift for a dog owner - look no further!

Gift Voucher FAQ's

Q. What value of gift voucher can I buy?

A. Gift vouchers can be made out for any amount - you can pay for a full grooming session or simply an amount of your choice towards the groom.

Q. How long are vouchers valid for?

A. Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of purchase - as the average dog requires grooming every 6-12 weeks, there will be plenty of opportunity to make use of the voucher.

Q. Do I get a gift card to hand over to the recipient?

A. Yes, the vouchers are professionally printed in full color on glossy card, come with their own custom printed envelopes, and look lovely as a gift!

Q. Do I have to make an appointment for the dog when I buy the voucher?

A. No - you simply give your voucher to the recipient who can then contact me directly to make an appointment at a time to suit them.

Q. Can vouchers be refunded or exchanged for goods?

A. Vouchers are non refundable but ARE transferable, so you are able to pass it on if you cannot use it. Vouchers can also be redeemed against our range of bows, scents, bandanas & toys if no grooming is required.

Q. If i buy a voucher which exceeds the cost of the services required, will the recipient lose the remaining credit?

A. No - if you wish to give a set amount which exceeds the services required, I will simply credit the remaining balance against future grooms until it has been used up entirely.

If you have any other questions concerning gift vouchers please do not hesitate to get in touch  (see Contact Us for full contact details).