Some dogs need a bit of extra help to enjoy the grooming process & this is something I am passionate about. Using only positive, reward based methods, I can work with your dog to help him overcome his fears and make grooming time much less stressful for him (and you!)

Of course every case is different and the cure is not always a fast one, but if you are prepared to work with me to help your dog then I will be delighted to help. 

One of our most recent success stories is Titch the Jack Russell. After breaking his back, Titch had quite a long stay in the veterinary hospital. This, accompanied by the association with his pain led to him becoming extremely distressed when vets tried to work with him, particularly when they tried to clip his toenails. It got to the stage where it took several people to attempt the task which was unsuccessful.

His owners contacted me to ask for help as his toenails were becoming very overgrown, and I have to say their commitment to the programme was superb - bringing him in for regular sessions with me to allow me to desensitise him to the process. On day one I didn't so much as lay a hand on Titch - he was simply so scared that any touch from a stranger was extremely unwelcome but we started the process of trust as he left with his mum without being forced to do anything he didn't like. 9 sessions later and Titch now comes in once a month for a nail clip.......yes, he lets me do it now! Clicker training coupled with the use of a hammock (Titch doesn't like to have his paw lifted & have to stand on 3 legs after his back injury) led to the point where Titch could be taught to 'target' the nail grinder, and later the clippers.......and once we eliminated the fear I was able to move on to the level where he was happy to have me hold his paws and clip the nail. A short video taken at session 5 shows the progress made in just a few 20 minute sessions. Titch is such a little hero! 

I strongly believe that all dogs have the right to help to overcome their fears, rather than simply being subjected to them.