Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a full Groom include?

A. Pre-groom cuddles to reassure your dog, coat brushed/combed out, warm bath, hand dried, hair between pads removed, coat clipped, scissor finished, toenails clipped/filed, sanitation area trimmed, ears cleaned or plucked, scent applied, post-groom cuddles & treats 

Q. What if my dog just requires a bath?

A. No problem! Many dogs require a bath between grooms, and others just require a bath full stop. I am happy to bath your dog, including a pre-bath brush out of dead hair, shampoo & conditioning treatment, hand dry & scent applied if required.

Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. Yes, please call ahead. There are times when it is just impossible to get your pet in at short notice. Holidays are extremely busy times. You WILL need to call ahead. Call or email Tracy to arrange your appointment - see 'contact us' page for full details.

Q. What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please remember to give me as much notice as possible if you cannot make your appointment. I only do one dog at a time and if you do not show, I don’t work. I could have someone waiting for an appointment and a quick call would allow me to fill your slot. If less than 24 hours notice is given then a cancellation fee may be charged.

Q. Ok, I've made my appointment - what should I know when I come along?

A. Please arrive promptly for your appointment, with your dog on a lead or in a pet carrier. Please park in the driveway or directly outside to avoid blocking neighbours' access. If your dog requires a pit-stop please use my garden and remember to clean up after your dog (Use green bin at salon entrance for 'doggy bags' - poo bags available if you have forgotten to bring one). On your 1st visit, please remember to bring your dog's vaccination certificate and details of your vet for my record card. If your dog has any special needs you feel I should know about please tell me when you arrive. For a 1st visit I will always allow extra time in my schedule to allow the dog to have a sniff around while you complete the client record card so please allow yourself an extra 10-15 minutes for drop off when you come for the first time - I can't proceed with the groom without a completed record card for insurance purposes, and your dog will appreciate time to settle in.

Q. Will my dog be kept in a crate or kennel while it is there?

A. Yes & No. If you are held up and late to collect your dog then I may have to separate them from the next client. Small dogs are put in cages to ensure their safety. Larger dogs are not crated but are kept separate from other dogs by a tie out in the salon. If you have more than one dog and bring them along together I will separate them whilst I groom each dog - they will be either in a crate or tie out in the salon where they can see me & their sibling at all times. Fresh drinking water, toys, and comfort breaks are provided for them. Your pet's safety and well-being is my top priority.

Q. Do you sedate the dogs?

A. NO! I do NOT sedate dogs - this is a job only for your vet. Nails are a common bug-bear in dogs but if you have had problems with this in the past please let me know when you book your groom. I will assess your dog when I have him/her on my table - there have been occasions where I have been able to trim nails when the previous 'groomer' could not, but I will not pursue this if your dog shows any signs of distress or aggression, and will refer you back to your vet for your dog's well-being.

Q. I just want my dog's face trimmed or nails cut - can you help?

A. Yes - I offer free face trims between grooms for regular clients so please don't reach for the kitchen scissors yourself! Nail clipping is available at £7 per dog with discounts for multiple dogs coming together from same household. Neither of these need an advance appointment but please do call ahead before popping round as I will be unable to take your dog right away if I have a groom in progress. I will be able to tell you when I will be free when you call.

Q. How long will you need to keep my dog?

A. Most grooms take around 2 hours so please allow AT LEAST this amount of time. Several factors including coat length/condition, behaviour, size of your dog etc can make the time vary from client to client. On your first visit I will call you when your dog is 30 mins away from being ready to allow you to have him/her back as soon as I've finished. Your dog will be more relaxed if he/she does not sense me rushing so please allow me enough time to do a great job for you. Once your dog has had their 1st groom here I will be able to give you a return time for future visits in advance.

Q. Why don't you have a set price list?

A. All dogs are different and without seeing your dog I am unable to give you an exact price. I am happy to give you an estimate on the phone based on breed of dog, but will need to assess the dog's coat condition & temperament, and discuss with you the style you require. Some scissored styles can take much longer than shorter styles and matted coats will also require extra work. I do not undertake extensive de-matting - if your dog is severely matted the most humane solution is to clip the coat back and start again, with regular home brushing between grooms. If this is the case then we will work together to get your dog's coat back into great condition, and the cost of future grooms will almost certainly be reduced.

Q. When should my puppy have it's first professional groom?

A. After your pup has had two sets of vaccinations. Grooming for a pup should start as soon as possible; this helps to let the pup become acquainted with the sounds of the salon environment, noises such as dryers, clippers, other dogs etc. For a puppy's first grooming I will probably NOT do a full haircut. Please see my home-page for details of my FREE puppy visits.

Q. Will my dog be muzzled?

I rarely find it necessary to muzzle and much prefer to build up trust with the dog. However, dogs that show signs of aggression or biting/licking at the clippers & or scissors may be muzzled for both their safety and mine.

Q. Can I bring some treats with my dog?

Yes. I always encourage owners to bring a few treats to reward their dog. You are also welcome to bring one of your dog’s favourite toys or blanket if it makes them feel more at home. I often give treats to the dogs and if your dog has a special diet or medical problem which does not permit this please inform me.

Q. Can I stay with my pet?                                                                                             

This is not usually a good idea as to get the full co-operation of the dogs I must have their undivided attention. Most dogs behave much better without their owners there to distract them. I will be happy to show you around my salon when you come to arrange your first appointment. Please be assured that if a difficulty with a dog arises the owner will be called at once.

Q. Why does the shampoo I buy from the pet shop never get my dog as clean as you can?

A. I use top quality shampoos & conditioners imported from the US - a range I believe to be the best on the market. With around a dozen different formulations in stock at any time, I am able to select the best match for your dog's coat type, colour, and skin condition. My shampoos are definitely not at the cheap end of the market, but I firmly believe that you get what you pay for.

Q. Can you use a shampoo supplied by my vet?

Yes. I also carry my own medicated shampoos, which I highly recommend for pets with problem skin, itching, redness etc.

Q. What if my dog has fleas?

A. If your dog has a flea infestation on arrival I will reschedule your appointment for you to have the fleas treated before your return. I cannot take any chances that other pets in my care will get fleas. If I uncover fleas during a groom which were not visible on first inspection, I will wash the dog with a shampoo which will kill all fleas on the dog. There will be an additional charge for this. I also take measures to ensure that my salon environment is flea free.

Q. Can you give my dog medication?

A. No - for insurance purposes I cannot administer any medication to your dog.

Q. What if my dog is timid or nervous?                                                                         

A. I am only too happy to work with nervous dogs. I like to build up a relationship with nervous or timid dogs and may suggest that we break the first couple of grooms down into 2 or more sessions at no extra cost, to allow the dog to gain trust in me without the unnecessary stress of a lengthy stay. Many dogs who were very nervous or scared to begin with have grown to love coming to the grooming room.

Q. I'd like a bow in my dog's hair - can you do this?

A. Yes! I have a wide range of bows and will happily finish off your dog's groom with something pretty. I also carry a range of doggy colognes. The most popular is definitely the baby powder fragrance, but I have lots to choose from, including new scents for the more masculine dog!!

Q. Do you provide boarding?

A. No - I provide grooming services only but will be happy to recommend local boarding services.

Q. Do you groom cats?

A. Sorry - I only groom dogs.